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Experience Matters

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SOTEAVA LLC was founded after witnessing a countless number of companies select packaging equipment & materials that did not meet their business needs.  Business after business struggled with packaging material, equipment layouts, event tracking and reliability.  The answer was to create a consulting firm whose mission and passion is for packaging solutions.  Improving packaging systems, installing them and monitoring downtime event data is the cornerstone of SOTEAVA LLC.  Contact us for a free consultation. 


  • Need a packaging line layout and budget yesterday?

  • Need help writing technical specifications that work for your next project?

  • Trouble deciding what equipment or material is right for your application?


  • Having weight control problems in filling?


  • Vision system just not up to par?

  • Complete packaging material evaluations

  • Need help getting a new less expensive material to run on packaging equipment? ​

  • Have a new product and not sure which equipment to select?


  • Need to fix an existing line to get a quick promotion and retire early?


  • No real cause analysis incorporated into your downtime event tracking?


  • Closing a plant and need packing lines relocated?


  • Plan for the future develop a site master plan? 



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